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Viktor Lipsky, Founder, CFO

Since 2008, Victor has been involved in the financial sector, leading a consulting company that handled large payments (over $600 million) and tax optimization.

Professional trader with over 6 years of experience in the market. Back in 2017, studied investments in cryptocurrency assets by institutional players. He assisted J.P. Morgan Bank in launching a blockchain project.

He founded 4 successful cryptocurrency startups - his own blockchain, a cryptocurrency game P2E, an anonymous messenger, and an artificial intelligence platform JustineAI for traders.

Max Baranov, Co-founder, CEO

Previously, Max attracted investments for charitable funds.
Since 2017, he had been involved in attracting clients to businesses through social media. He sold his first business, a digital marketing agency, and fully transitioned into the cryptocurrency sphere.

Experienced professional trader since 2021 and an enthusiast in the field of artificial intelligence. As well as co-founder and COO of crypto startup JustineAI, an artificial intelligence platform for traders.

Alexander Razgovorov, CIO

Alexander has advanced degrees in radiophysics and digital signal processing.

He did an internship in the USA in the field of economics and entrepreneurship.
Over 20 years of executive positions in international companies. Expert in services and business modeling of telecommunications, information and navigation technology markets.

He was the founder and thought leader of 2 successful startups with a focus on developing platform-based IT solutions.

He got his first introduction to finance and trading in 2020.
And since 2022, he has been an expert in trading on the cryptocurrency market.

Alexey Smeshkov, CSO

Alexey created and developed "from scratch" 2 different businesses in several regions of Russia, which are successfully operating to this day.

He has hundreds of completed deals and hundreds of satisfied clients under his belt.

He coordinates client relations and is also one of the first investors whose assets are managed by the fund.